EDM DanceCoin (EDMC) is a community-driven fan token designed to support Dance festivals & live music events


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For more than three decades, Electronic Dance Music (“EDM”) has brought joy, love and happiness to millions and millions of people. Music unites and has the power to connect others across borders worldwide. Music is healthy for people. It creates a feeling of freedom, an interpersonal connection and gives positive energy

Unfortunately, hardly any industry is more impacted by the pandemic than the Entertainment industry. In these challenging times the EDM legacy must and will be preserved.

The EDMC project (“EDMC”) has been established to be a funding partner for the EDM industry in a different way, which is distinctive in respect of the current system and any other already existing crowdfunding initiatives.

EDMC will help ensure events & festivals can return to their recent glory.

Help us protect the dance music heritage. We welcome everyone. Let’s celebrate our freedom together!

Music tells stories others can’t,
creating experiences and opportunities


A Music Ecosystem includes not only the commercial music industry, live music venues and festivals, it also includes music education, music’s role in health and wellbeing and the economic supply chain that makes music happen, front and backstage.

A healthy live music economy supports jobs across a variety of sectors, from hospitality to tech, logistics to food and beverage. Musicians contribute to making places better, more vibrant and livable. Music tells stories others can’t. Creating experiences and opportunities to market, to tourists and visitors.

It’s our ambition to:

    • Build a Global Community for EDM fans;
    • Support new EDM productions and talent;
    • Help evolving the EDM industry through offering future-proof solutions
      for EDM events and community.

Together we support the Electronic Dance Music for generation’s to come.


EDMC wants to allow each contributor to be an active part of the constantly innovating music industry.

The EDM DanceCoin is the official token issued by the Lifetime Experience Factory, which is a utility fan token build on the Polygon blockchain. Each contribution will be tokenized.

EDM DanceCoin (EDMC) tokens can be used for exclusive interactions and experiences intended for the electronic dance music industry.


  • Meet & Greet: meet your favorite artist and have a chat!
  • Premium Packages; Always wanted to be treated as a VIP? This is your chance!
  • Priority access to ticket Pre-sale & Promo discounts on all EDM DanceCoin Merchandise;
  • Signed Merchandise: a chance to win a unique collector’s item;
  • Future Staking Rewards;
  • NFT´s: become owner of unique digital collectibles;
  • Voting Rights: decide which event/ festival should be supported.


Token name EDM DanceCoin
Ticker EDMC
Token symbol
Total Supply 3,141,592,653 (billion)

EDMC has been established for the purpose of issuing EDM DanceCoins.  Up to 3,141,592,653 tokens will be issued.

Token Allocation



Founder & Ambassador


Head of Developement


Developer front-end application


Instagram Moderator


Founder & Ambassador


Teamlead Developement & Security


Head of Communications

Timo (dj)

Team Talent & Education


Teamlead Business Analytics


Developer back-end Solutions


Teamlead Communications

Hugo (producer)

Team Talent & Education


Teamlead Coin Strategy


Developer front-end application


Telegram Moderator Dutch Channel


Talent & Ambassador

Edgar (DJ)

Ambassador & Promotor








Lifetime Experience Factory B.V.

World Trade Center
P.O. Box 30223

E-mail: contact@dancecoin.nl


Committed to make social impact through music